Robert Adams | The Place We Live | Yale University Art Gallery - Chronology (1971)
Yale University Art Gallery
Robert Adams: The Place We Live

Moves to Longmont, Colorado. Kerstin begins work as a reference librarian.

Exhibition Photographs by Robert Adams and Emmet Gowin opens at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, which facilitates shooting and lab work that result eventually in the books denver and What We Bought.

“Along West 6th Avenue, brand new houses are being pried off their foundations and trucked away to make room for more highway lanes. As in Boulder, where I recently saw new houses being cut in half for the same purpose, and the sod of each new lawn being fastidiously rolled up again.”

“Came on the following by A. R. Ammons: ‘have I prettified the tragedies, the irrecoverable losses: have I glossed over the unmistakable evils; has panic tried to make a flower; then hope distorts me: turns wishes into lies.’ So I ask myself.”
—From notes made in 1973

Publishes The Architecture and Art of Early Hispanic Colorado and The New West.