Robert Adams | The Place We Live | Yale University Art Gallery - Chronology (1953)
Yale University Art Gallery
Robert Adams: The Place We Live

With his father, makes the first of five raft trips through Dinosaur National Monument.

Begins to visit the Denver Art Museum with his sister, and discovers the pleasures of reading.

Works for a boys' camp at Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado. Goes on pack trips on horseback and climbs mountains. Narrowly escapes life-threatening injury in a climbing accident on a snowfield.

Attends University of Colorado, Boulder, for one year.

Hunts for the last time.

His sister, Carolyn, gives him a copy of The Family of Man.

Enters the University of Redlands in California, where he spends the next three years earning his B.A. in English. He abandons his intention of becoming a minister.