White Churches of the Plains 1970
The Architecture and Art of Early Hispanic Colorado 1974
The New West 1974
denver 1977
Prairie 1978
From the Missouri West 1980
Beauty in Photography 1981
Our Lives and Our Children 1984
Summer Nights 1985
Los Angeles Spring 1986
Perfect Times, Perfect Places 1988
To Make It Home 1989
Cottonwoods 1994
Listening to the River 1994
Why People Photograph 1994
West from the Columbia 1995
What We Bought 1995
Eden 1999
I Hear the Leaves and Love the Light 1999
Notes for Friends 1999
California 2000
Bodhisattva 2001
Alders 2002
Commercial Residential 2003
No Small Journeys 2003
Pine Valley 2005
A Portrait in Landscapes 2005
Turning Back 2005
Along Some Rivers 2006
Interiors 2006
Still Lives at Manzanita 2006
Questions for an Overcast Day 2007
Time Passes 2007
denver 2009
Summer Nights, Walking 2009
Tree Line 2009
Gone? 2010

Since his early years as a photographer, books have occupied a central place in Robert Adams’s artistic practice. Following his belief that “photography is editing—start to finish,” he and his wife, Kerstin, have worked together, sometimes over many years, to arrange groups of pictures into expansive sequences expressly conceived for the printed page.

The over thirty monographs that Adams has published to date harness the unique narrative and

poetic potential of the book format, allowing individual images to relate to and build upon each other in order to form larger visual statements capable of addressing complex questions. Not only do these volumes trace the evolution of the photographer’s vision, they also afford the richest view of his lifelong endeavor to faithfully describe “a landscape into which all fragments, no matter how imperfect, fit perfectly.”

Yale University Art Gallery
Robert Adams: The Place We Live

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