What is art and why does it matter?

What is your favorite work of art at the Gallery and why?

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"Art is whatever shakes your perception of reality."
—Julia Kahn

"An attempt to express the unexpressable, to create order, harmony, beauty, logic, security, or joy from the chaotic, the undefined, and all that human reason cannot quite grasp."
—Laura Beavers

"Art is an expression of all the parts of thought that only you can know."

"Art is humankind—each piece one of a kind—priceless."
—Elizabeth Hadlock

"Art is a visual expression of the human soul, which is what makes it a universal language."
—Laura Ondere

"Art is the expression of one’s subconscious and a reflection of social values."
—Jennifer Ding

"In the inner eye it starts. How it becomes material is immaterial."
—Johanna Epperson

"A reflection of ourselves."
—Marcus Hill

"Art is the expression that differentiates one person from the next and results in our individuality."
—Laura Cahn

"Art connects people’s hearts together."
—Jing Su

"Art is expression and reflection of and on society. It is important because it acts as a mirror to society and a historical record."
— Tara Singh

"Art is where your soul meets the paper."

"Art is the deepest expression of the human spirit. It matters because it lifts us above the everyday concerns of our lives and reminds us of what is of lasting importance."
—Barbara Fussimer

"Art is life, art is love, art changes us and our world."
—Amanda Mishawm

"Art is a relationship between creator and viewer. It is finding love. It is finding a soul mate."
—Rebecca Lieb

"Art is thought made concrete. It matters as a currency of souls."
—Caroline Swinehart

"Art is the visual manifestation of the human spirit and as such matters because it helps us to better understand those aspects of humanity that are connected universally by time."
—Naina Saligram