Robert Adams | The Place We Live | Yale University Art Gallery - Chronology (1979)
Yale University Art Gallery
Robert Adams: The Place We Live

Begins taking pictures that eventually appear in the 1983 monograph Our Lives and Our Children.

“How many motel rooms, airport terminals, road sides . . . in how many places have I been unable to do anything, just sitting there for fright.”
—From notes made in 1979

Exhibition Prairie opens at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Awarded a second Guggenheim Fellowship.

Finishes writing, while housebreaking a puppy, a series of essays on photography.

“A perfect landscape will for us always include a dog—for fun, beauty, and affection. And maybe for the dog’s independence of what, on the beach and prairie, interests us most—the harmony of land and sky. Dogs don't need a sense for it. For them, the world is everywhere and always whole.”
—From notes made in 1980

“What a landscape photographer traditionally tries to do is to show what is past, present, and future at once. You want ghosts and the daily news and prophecy. . . . It’s presumptuous and ridiculous. You fail all the time.”
—From an interview in the Colorado Springs Sun, 1980

Publishes From the Missouri West.